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A local’s guide to Málaga: five great things to do


Malaga is awash with wonderful tapas bars, restaurants and bars and food markets, such as the stunning Mercado Central de Atarazanas. If you want a less crowded experience and an authentic flavor of the local lifestyle I would suggest Mercado El Carmen in the Perchel district, close to Maria Zambrano station. It is easy to walk through the plain building, however, inside you will find stands that showcase Andalucia’s amazing produce and vegetables, along with butchers and fishmongers so that you can select your food and cook it right and then enjoy at high tables or on a patio outside.
Calle la Serna 3, open Mon-Sat 8am-4pm


I frequently visit my favorite spot, the Alcazaba (adult admission EUR3.50 and book it on the internet) The Alcazaba, an historic Arab fortress, to take an ethereal stroll. The gentle climb up from in the city’s historic center, passing through the gardens, with their relaxing fountains, takes me back in Moorish Andalucia. The view over the city and over the Mediterranean on the way to the top of the hill is certainly worth the effort. Another interesting spot can be found in that of the Bishop’s Palace, in the square that is in the front of the church. Customs associated with worship are an integral part of the city’s life. One of the cofradia (lay brotherhoods) invited me to visit an exhibit of the items which are carried in the Easter procession. When I got close to the exhibit to the exhibit, I was amazed by the size, detail and sanity of the statues.


It’s similar to getting access to an exclusive club at Cobalto 15. Cobalto 15 rooftop bar in Soho You must use the lift that is located through the hall in front of the Soho Nono Charming Stay tourist apartment. The patrons there are typically a mix of well groomed senoras as well as casually stylish people in their 30s and 40s or 50s. However, despite its extravagant pretensions the atmosphere is relaxed and I’ve gone slightly unkempt at times and yet felt at home.
Casa de Campos 15

Green space

It’s an extremely outdoor life in Malaga with miles of beaches stretching to the east and west and a pleasant climate for the majority of the season. An easy escape for me would be the Guadalhorce estuary reserve that attracts more than 200 species of birds (including that white-headed duck) towards the delta that is formed through two branches from the river that it merges to the Mediterranean. I cycle there on the promenade, which is the Paseo Maritimo Antonio Banderas – then I follow the riverbank to traverse a bridge that has been built. The reserve has a bicycle parking area at the entry point, as well as there are a variety of walking trails within the reserve. If customers in the cafe inquire about renting bikes, we suggest Malaga Bike Rentals just round the corner from our cafe.

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I am a resident and worker in the Soho neighborhood, where you can find a variety of striking street art, but I also enjoy taking a take a look at the graffiti that is on the walls of El Ejido, the university quarter to the south from Plaza del Merced, where Pablo Picasso was born. The most interesting restaurants to dine at include the highly-respected Restaurante Alexso on Calle Mariblanca However, I typically find myself in Fonzo which is a small restaurant further down the road located on Calle Pena, where they make use of mostly organic and local products in dishes that have been inspired by many different culinary styles: the Moorish Lasagne (EUR14.50) for instance, is spicy, aubergine and vegan take on. It’s probably recommended to visit at the time of day, though it’s not a risky place, but after dark, it’s easy to lose yourself among the tiny streets.


Close to Cafe de Estraperlo in the Soho neighborhood The Mate Valeria, formerly known as Room Mate Valeria (doubles from EUR130 room-only) is a stylish, comfortable place to stay, with great rooftop terrace that has a the plunge pool.