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How To Take Passport Photos At Home

It’s the perfect time to get an updated passport…finally! It would be awesome for you to have an updated passport picture without ever leaving your home? But wait…Say goodbye to that photo from 10 years ago (seriously did we really think we were thinking!) and snap a new one with inside your palm. Here are some easy picture tips to get the highest quality image to use for your passport.

Step one: Locate the correct camera

Do not leave your home to take your picture while at home, taking your photo from the comfort of your home is never easier! No matter if you’re using an electronic camera or the one you have on your phone you can be sure that it will be faster and you can take it back numerous times as you want, so you can get the perfect facial expressions.

If you don’t have a stable hand, you may require a little assistance to get the perfect photo. Utilizing a tripod or self-timer is useful, however we discovered it easier to ask a friend to shoot the photo.

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Your image should be clear and sharp A good camera will definitely help.

Step two: Establish the scene

The guidelines for applying for a passport photograph are extremely strict, however they are easy. The person taking the photo must be standing on a light-colored background, therefore a plain white, grey , or cream wall is fine You’ll have to make sure that there aren’t any objects within the frame, so you can move your houseplants around for a bit…

In the next step, you’ll have to stand up in the shot. The camera should be placed your photographer buddy, 1.5m further away and then stand 1m of the wall. This will ensure a focused photo.

Be sure to leave enough space between your shoulders and head. It is not recommended to crop your photo The Passport Office will do this for you.

If you’re planning to take a picture of your baby to get their first passport, it may be helpful to lay them back on a white blanket and snap the photo from above. You’ll have to leave plenty of space around their heads and shoulders to allow the picture to be cropped. Additionally, you’ll want them to be completely alone when taking the picture.

Step three: Find the ideal lighting

Your passport picture will have to be properly lit, and the best lighting is natural lighting . Try standing near a window and snapping your picture early in the day to prevent shadows from the evening.

If you’re not able to get the most benefit from daylight, then you can make use of a lamp.

Fourth step: Prepare prepared

There are many important aspects to consider when taking your passport photograph to make sure you don’t lose it you should double-check what you are allowed to and cannot wear.

You’ll need to face toward the forward direction, with your eyes fixed on the camera.
Maintain a calm face by keeping your mouth shut.
Your eyes should be open.
Keep your hair off your face, and keep it out of the way of your eyes.
Be sure to not wear any head coverings, unless it’s for medical or religious reasons.
Make sure that nothing is over your face and there aren’t any shadows visible on the sides of your face, or in front of your back.

In the event that you are wearing glasses you are able to keep them on however, you must make sure there’s no glare and flashback. Sunglasses and tinted lenses aren’t allowed.

Step five Five: Do an oblique posture (sort or!)

You’re now ready to go! Make sure you strike your best unflinching, non-smiling pose and take a picture. After you’re pleased with your image – you are able to retake it any number of times you’d like. Simply upload it to our website and print using one of Passport Photos. The set includes eight UK passport photos in regulation-sized format printed on top-quality paper ready to be sent to us for renewal of your passport and visa, or for a photo ID.